What does it do?

Digi was created to simplify a world with too many social media channels to keep track of. In today's world a phone number is no longer enough to stay in touch with those you love. Digi ensures you stay connected on all outlets of communication.

  • No Download Required
  • Simply type the name of the person in Facebook messenger and click connect!
  • Get all of their social media handles at once!
  • Spend less time on your phone, and more time in the moment.

How does it work?

Digi is made to connect you faster than ever. Already being called the business card of the future it represents a new way to network

  • Facebook Messenger Integration

    Don't waste time, or space downloading an app. The digi bot is partnered with Facebook messenger allowing you to type their name into messenger and connect all at once.

  • Artificial Intelligence Integration

    With the artificial intelligence of our bot you are able to tell it exactly what social media channel you want to connect on, we'll do the rest for you!

  • Scan a QR code to open our bot, or just start typing!

    Try it now! Simply open your Facebook messenger app on your phone, and go to the people tab where you will see a scan QR code button, and take a picture of the image to the left! Digi will walk you through the rest! Or just search for digi in Facebook messenger!

  • Enjoy the Moment

    Don't waste time exchanging numbers and then following each other on Social Media networks over time. Simply type the name in of who you would like to connect with and let us do the work for you. So you can spend less time on your phone and more time in the moment.

Meet the Team

The gentleman responsible for leading the shift into a hyper connected culture

Avery Barry - Avery@thedigibot.com

Avery recognized that we live in the most well connected generation in the history of the planet, but that we have saturated the market with too many methods of communication. This is where the idea for digi was born. Avery has worked on 3 startups prior to digi and is currently studying Strategic Corporate Communications at Chapman University. With his history in e-commerce as well as being the founder of an advertising agency, Avery learned at a young age that he would always be his own boss.

Tony Anziano - tony@thedigibot.com

After spending most of his life playing video games, Tony decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science to learn what went on "behind the scenes" of his favorite games and applications. A recent graduate after 4 years of college at Oregon State University, Tony acquired experience working in a team environment as well as tailoring a product to the needs of a client. Tony now strives to apply his knowledge of software engineering and programming to innovative technology like Digi.

Market Statistics

Below are screenshots of how the market is adapting to the new app interface. Facebook chatbot was recently launched with the goal in mind to eliminate the need for downloading apps from the app store. With the messenger app, you can access any bot you need and save space on your phone. Digi is positioned perfectly to be the catalyst in this platform movement.